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YV8ER - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 3852
Elvis Rodriguez
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CQ: 9 - ITU: 12
Continente: SA
E-mail: Solo para usuarios registrados
Registrado: Apr 21, 2010
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: 9.6061 - Longitud: -63.6212
Spots: TX: 1170 - Mapa    RX: 462 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
254 169 3970
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I was YY5OHV, now avanced YV8ER:. I use LoTW.

Also spacial callsing: 4M8E.

Hello to all my friends and my dear brother. Well, all started in 1979 when I have been interested in Amateur Radio since I was 7 years old when I became a SWL. I question to my dady, when I listed the SW radio: why this people are talkin whit otrer people in other idiom? He told me: they are radioamateur...


DXing on 80, 40, 15 and 10 Mts., contesting the HF dxpeditions, whit my antennas making for YV5APF: 40m monoband 3 element antena yagui; Comet GP9 uhf/vhf; Moosly TA36, six element multiband antena 20,15,10m; my MFJ CW key and TS 570S Kenwood, I talk with all the world.


Of all the bands, my favorite ones are 40 meters, because it was the first band what I listened in the Little Plillips SW, when I have 7 years old. In 1997 licenced. My teacher was: Napoleón Centeno YV5BNR, Haroldo Rodiguez YV5BD,Reinaldo Leandro YV5AMH, Pascual Casale YV5KAJ and my dear brother Rafael Vargas YV5MAD. In 1998 was National Library of the Radio Club Venezolano(YV5AJ). Write, author of the "Estatutos del RCV" (law of the all amateur radio in RCV YV), in 1998 when YV5LTR was the President of RCV. AWARDS: In 2000, have the 2nd. place of the world on 40m in the YV Contest: Independencia de Venezuela. In 2006 YV9 diplome. Actually I´m teacher of comunications law and general culture in the Radio Club Venezolano. I was the National President of the RADIO CLUB VENEZOLANO in order to 2008-2009, 2009-2010. I confirm all the QSO. If you prefear I confirm by the bureau or direct. Don´t work eQSL.


I´m working in the Minsiterio Pùblico: Prosecutor number 83º Caracas D. C. in Human Rigths (Fiscal del Ministerio Publico). I like make this, to be justice in my lovely conuntry. I was teaching in the "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Noreast University", on the International Laws, Criminalistics,Penalty Laws and Crimiology.


Also I am FREEMASON. I see the "Ligth" from the G:.A:.D:.U:. in the "Luz del Orinoco nº 161" lodge, ORIENTE from Caicara del Orinoco, west Bolivar State on november 2002. MM:. 3º grade in febraury 2004.

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
YV8ER 7136 M0MCVTnx 4 contact Bob 01:27 21-Sep-20
AK3B 14295 YV8ER 21:29 20-Sep-20
PA3HFH 14295 YV8ER5/9 21:27 20-Sep-20
PY6HD 14295 YV8ERUSB 21:22 20-Sep-20
DL3WB 14295 YV8ERThank you Elvis for Nice QSO 21:21 20-Sep-20
DL3WB 14295 YV8ERHallo Elvis Lissen to me !! 21:15 20-Sep-20
DL3WB 14295 YV8ERDL3WB OM Willi !!!!! 21:12 20-Sep-20
PY1FC 14295 YV8ERTNX QSO Elvis,59 in Rio !!! :) 21:08 20-Sep-20
W2ASC 14295 YV8ER 21:01 20-Sep-20
YV8ER 7163 TF8KYTnx 4 contact 22:23 19-Sep-20
YV8ER 7186 G6MCTnx 4 contact 22:02 19-Sep-20
KP4DZ 7150 YV8ERNet Cadena YV 22:43 17-Sep-20
YV8ER 14022 TO0ZTnx 599 19:52 16-Sep-20
YV8ER 7163 TO0ZTnx 5 up 02:27 16-Sep-20
YV8ER 7157 YV5CHJPRUEBA 20:10 05-Sep-20

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