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WD1M - Radio DXFUN Cluster

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Bob Gilmore
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United States

CQ: 3-5 - ITU: 6-8
Continente: NA
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Hobbies: Radio
Ocupación: Engineer for ESPN
Registrado: Nov 11, 2014
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: 41.19172 - Longitud: -73.06193
Spots: TX: 419 - Mapa    RX: 24 - Mapa
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QSL Direct or via Bureau.

If there’s something related to Radio, Broadcasting, RF & Audio, I’m likely to find my way there. It’s something I have in my daily diet.
My early years as a teen hanging out in radio stations and TV transmitter buildings have helped shape my hunger for the business. I started doing announcing part-time in 1976 and still do some limited radio announcing today for a couple area radio stations in Connecticut.
As a part-time announcer I spent 14 years doing Sunday mornings for WEBE 108. In the big picture, I was hired at ABC Radio as Project Engineer in 1999. Assignments were to build new control rooms and support affiliates with the Starguide III rollout. During my tenure I found myself upgrading systems, supporting all the studios and control rooms. I was promoted twice in my 9 years there becoming Systems Engineering Manager in 2008 before I came to ESPN in Bristol.
ESPN Radio has been my home to my daily diet of radio since May 2008. Some of my most enjoyable moments in the business have been spent here at ESPN Radio with the expansion of our new Control Rooms and Studios in 2011, and being a key part in launching our own uplink to affiliate XDS Satellite Receivers.
My hobbies are quite centered on radio as well. I’m a licensed Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator, call sign WD1M, and served as President of the Fairfield Amateur Radio Association in 1991. I did two DXpeditions to Iceland. 1989 and 1990. I hope to go back and do that again.

My current Shack for WD1M is a newly constructed room from a space in my basement that used to be a dirt floor and stone walls. I hand dug out the basement and installed a floor and room where I now have a great place to escape to and enjoy the hobby.


73 de WD1M - Bob

Shelton, CT USA

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
HI5MAH 18101 WD1MFT8 -11 FN31KH FK48KF 18:36 01-Jan-21
WD1M 21074 IT9RZRFT8 14:14 08-Dec-20
HI5MAH 10137 WD1MFT8 -14 FN31 FK48KF 22:16 21-Nov-20
WD1M 18100 3B8BAPFT8 17:42 15-Nov-20
WD1M 14257 LY111A 14:46 09-Nov-20
WD1M 7206.1 V26KContest 11:58 04-Mar-18
WD1M 10136 TF1AFT8 12:55 18-Feb-18
WD1M 7029.5 PJ2TCW 12:28 18-Feb-18
WD1M 3503.5 LZ5RCW 04:32 18-Feb-18
CT1BWU 3573 WD1MFT8 qso TU 73 00:12 25-Jan-18
MM0GZZ 10136 WD1MJT8 HNY 73S 12:43 31-Dec-17
WD1M 21032.5 FG/F6ARCCQ WW CW 17:35 26-Nov-17
WD1M 21014.4 CN2RCQ WW CW 17:32 26-Nov-17
WD1M 14001.9 TF3JBCQ WW CW 17:16 26-Nov-17
WD1M 14091.4 R2VACQ WW CW 13:06 26-Nov-17

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