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PD1ATH - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 8316
Auke Hoekstra
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The Netherlands

CQ: 14 - ITU: 27
Continente: EU
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Registrado: Sep 30, 2013
Usuario LOTW:NO
Coordenadas: Latitud: 53.2588 - Longitud: 6.02942
Spots: TX: 2514 - Mapa    RX: 387 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
268 38 3215
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Please take your time to look at my Homepage and i hope you like it.


Welcome to the  page of PD1ATH. My name is Auke and I was born in the place called Zwaagwesteinde its a littel village about 6000 peapels in the province of Friesland. I do dis hobby alreddy on my 12 years old and I enjou to experience and to make contacts with friends over the world with this hobby. And ofcourse in our home country the Nederlands.

I worked here with a complete line of Yaesu FT 101 ZD. Yaesu FT 2000. Yaesu FTdx 3000. Yaesu FTdx 10 For the 2 meters en 70 cm the icom IC 746 and Yaesu FT 991A .

The power supply is a Diamond GZV4000 40 Ampere. And the jelfon 25 Ampere.

The antenna park is a all Bander 2 elemts Fritzel Beam for the 10 meters 20 meters and 15 meters band. For the 40 meter band home made a longwire 2 times 10 meter long. For the 2 meters and 70 cm band 2 times the Diamond 200x . And for the 10 and 11 meter band the Grounplane 27 1/2 antenna and Imax.

Thanks for visit my page greetings from auke best 73

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
RU6HQ 28503 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:39 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28503 RW9USATNX 73 09:38 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28483.2 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:37 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28483.7 RU7MTNX 73 09:37 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28476 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:35 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28476 RA7ATNX 73 09:35 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28464.2 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:33 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28464.3 UA4FDKTNX 73 09:33 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28456.4 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:31 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28456.5 UI5RTNX 73 09:31 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28462.2 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:30 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28462.8 RT3GTNX 73 09:30 26-Nov-22
PD1ATH 28469.4 R3OMTNX 73 09:28 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28469.1 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:28 26-Nov-22
RU6HQ 28472.3 PD1ATHauke, PSE do not spot RU 09:26 26-Nov-22

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