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OH3GQL - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 5088
Kari Kytölä
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CQ: 15 - ITU: 18
Continente: EU
E-mail: Solo para usuarios registrados
Hobbies: DX
Registrado: Aug 23, 2011
Usuario LOTW:NO
Coordenadas: Latitud: 61.470242 - Longitud: 23.747965
Spots: TX: 212 - Mapa    RX: 4 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
275 264 4582
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Hello !

I`am Kari OH3GQL.

I was born in 1969 and live Tammerfors & my hoppy is HAM radio. Licensed is since January 2004. I have been interested in radio for many years. Earlier I was on the 11m band,years 1989-2004-xx.I began with my mobile radio in 1989 and at the home QTH. Since 2004 I can be found on the HF & VHF bands with my station at home. I also enjoy visiting countries through the HF and VHF-bands by DX:ing. I Have found many new friends through the radio. Many old friends are also radio amateurs, but many other friends still work 11m in cb-radio,because "Old cb’ers never die,they just break away." In Finland there are many hams on the radio connecting to the world :)

I work SSB with my Yaesu FT-1000mp Mark-V and microphone is orginal Yaesu MH-31.I work also Wouxun KG-UV950P and hand radio BAOFENG UV-5R Dual Band UHF/VHF. My HFantenna is Wimo gpm-1500 vertical antenna. VHF is horizontal Wimo bigwheel antenna.

Many thanks for visiting and for the QSO & I`ll be waiting to add you "paper" QSL in my collection. PLEASE NO eQSL. 

I hope to meet you again on the bands. Bye Bye !! Kindest Regards

                           - Kari - OH3GQL - (

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
OH3GQL 14300 A8OKtnx up 5 23:29 11-Apr-24
OH3GQL 28450 YJ0CAtu new dxcc 09:11 18-Mar-24
OH3GQL 18130 A71/ON5URnow here 11:52 22-Feb-24
OH3GQL 24930 A71/ON5URBooming 59 11:50 22-Feb-24
OH3GQL 21275 T2Ctnx 59 up 5-15 new band 10:06 25-Oct-23
OH3GQL 14212 T2Cup 5-10. tnx new dxcc 09:40 18-Oct-23
OH3GQL 28481 ZF2OOtnx qso 73 16:54 16-Oct-23
OH3GQL 14222 4W1Atnx up, new band 14:41 19-Apr-23
OH3GQL 18145 4W1Atnx up 5-15 14:30 19-Apr-23
OH3GQL 18137 ES1WEGtnx new band 08:49 19-Apr-23
OH3GQL 28495 4W1Atnx new band. up 5 to 25 11:59 15-Apr-23
OH3GQL 21280 V26EItnx, up 5 13:53 01-Apr-23
OH3GQL 28380 V26EItnx, up 5 to 10 17:43 28-Mar-23
OH3GQL 24965 V26EItnx qso up 5 to 10 13:20 27-Mar-23
OH3GQL 28500 3B7Mup 12:41 07-Mar-23

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