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N4THW - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 2317
Carlos A. Vega
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United States

CQ: 3-5 - ITU: 6-8
Continente: NA
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Hobbies: Ham radio and Communications
Ocupación: Administrador de Sistemas
Registrado: Jan 26, 2012
Usuario LOTW:NO
Coordenadas: Latitud: 26.153663 - Longitud: -80.241670
Spots: TX: 1147 - Mapa    RX: 26 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
104 103 1451
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I am originally from Colombia S.A. (HK) Land, coming in to the USA in 1977.Star my Ham radio hobby as a Base station operator for the ACBC (Association Colombiana de Banda Ciudadana).I was first licensed on January, 1987 and issued the call sign KB4YHR, which was amateur radio license Novice in USA. My current call sign, N4THW, was issued on January, 1988 when we moved to the W4 call area. Privileges include all bands, all emission types and full RF power. I work CW, I will use Phone. And when there is time, I really like to participate in contests. Love Chasing DX. Have my DXCC with 310 countries. My rig is :

TX ICOM IC-756A HF & IC-735 all mode for my dxpeditions.3KW Antenna tuner Nye Viking, Alpha 76A and Kenwood TL922A amplifier 1500 Watts. Antennas Cushcraft A3S (10,15 7 20Mts),G5RV,Cushcraft D40 ratable dipole for 40 MTS. Vertical Hustler 5BTV (10 t0 80 Mts).80Mts Windom & S9 Vertical. SignalLink USB for digital modes.VHF Kenwood 270 (11 elements beam, and a Vertical dual band)

I have been a member of our ARRL, Amateur Radio Relay League. For almost 25 years .I have had the opportunity to participate in various activities of this great hobby and am currently serving as the MARS /Operator for military emergencies. Holding a call AEM3BD.AAT4TB

I was granted a reciprocal license by the Iraq government (YI9HW) when I was lived in AL ASAD AIR BASE in 2005-2006. During that time Iraq ward Iraqi freedom operation .I attended fast train College of the City of Plantation, FL. Getting my degree in (computer Sciences IT Network Administrator). Gloria my XYL (N4THX) also earned her academic degrees Nurse Assisted during that time. I also have my dotards Carolyn (KC4NTX) and Jacqueline (KD4QWQ).We loved expending sometime in the ham radio hobby. Help with Emergency communications in Armero (Colombia).México, Nicaragua disasters.

A QSL card is sure via bureau or direct. If you QSL direct, kindly include a self-addressed envelope with an IRC or 2 USD. I do use E-QSL’s and My grid square is EL96vd.

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
N4THW 7175 C31ZM 00:18 16-Jun-19
N4THW 14249 9A9A5.9 plus in Florida 21:07 15-Jun-19
N4THW 7148 RZ3AH 00:13 05-Jun-19
N4THW 7148 RZ3A 00:12 05-Jun-19
N4THW 7134 CM2XN 23:35 22-Mar-19
IV3FNL 7145 N4THW73 carlos 22:51 30-Jan-19
N4THW 142530 J68GDThank for2 Band 17:15 22-Nov-18
N4THW 7145 OU5U 08:30 22-Nov-18
N4THW 7154 PJ2/KF4DX 04:03 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7152 ZP5DA 02:08 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7145 XQ6CFX 02:02 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7145 CE5SG 01:45 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7140 PJ2/KF4DX 01:15 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7135 TI2CF 01:04 17-Nov-18
N4THW 7147 HB9EOU 00:58 17-Nov-18

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