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N2TGF - Radio DXFUN Cluster

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stuart weber
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United States

CQ: 3-5 - ITU: 6-8
Continente: NA
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Hobbies: Ham Radio, Electronics and tinkering
Ocupación: Retired NYCHA Maintenance Worker
Registrado: Apr 12, 2022
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: 33.771751 - Longitud: -79.005752
Spots: TX: 37 - Mapa    RX: 2 - Mapa
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71 2 836
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Hi. Name here is Stu. I am a retired Maintenance worker for the New York City Housing Authority. (31 yrs.) I have been a Ham Radio operator since 1994. Was introduced to the hobby in 1993 by friends KB2LQJ , KF2IC and the others at the KCRA (Kings county Repeater Assn. (Brooklyn NY) and NYCRA (New York City Repeater Assn.. Ive been hooked to the hobby ever since. It is a great hobby and I have met some great people. Also I have been involved with the American Red Cross of Greater NY (Staten Island chapter since 1999 with the DAT. Disaster action Team...Worked many disasters small and large scale including the worst of the worst.(you know what I mean).  also shelter ops as needed with ham radio as a powerful tool to get info to ARES including Logistics, , ETC. As you can see from some of the pictures I am into many things, Like: collecting advertising Collecting and repairing vintage advertising machines. and of course Ham radio.  working in my garage/shop/shack. to me is relaxing. Always something to do. I hope to get involved with some of the local clubs, meet fellow hams in South Carolina. I Recently upgraded to General Class.. Looking forward to upgrading to Amateur Extra soon.

Currently using a Yaesu 736R with a yaesu MD-1 mic. Icom IC-718 all band HF rig with a CHA EMCOMM 3 BASE ANTENNA ,Thanks to the advice of KN4PZE Louis and KD2OJQ Jaques. Thanks to KD2OQJ Jaques for  installing the ECOMM 3across the roof. Definately HOA Proof.( works great)., A Yaesu FTM-100D Powered by an MFJ-4245MV 40 v switching power supply, Retevis 9000D 220MHz radio. Due to HOA rules etc. all my antennas are in the attic including a Tri-Band Mag mount, Dual Band J-POLE, and a 1.25 meter J-POLE

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
N2TGF 14277 CS25ARCThanks for the contact. 22:32 05-May-23
N2TGF 14241 S51DXTHANKS FOR THE CONTACT 20:55 29-Apr-23
N2TGF 28021 SO1WSheard in SC 15:07 24-Apr-23
N2TGF 14198 VP8KCAheard in SC 23:29 23-Apr-23
N2TGF 28435 PY1FJheard in SC 23:16 23-Apr-23
N2TGF 18130 S51DXthanks for the contact 18:26 08-Mar-23
N2TGF 28456 8P5Atnx for the contact 20:37 01-Mar-23
N2TGF 1837 WA2CPHeard in SC 00:14 26-Feb-23
N2TGF 18142 LY5ATNX for the contact/qso 17:01 10-Feb-23
N2TGF 24950 ON7HJAtx fr the contact and qso 73s 14:42 10-Feb-23
N2TGF 14253 VP9KDThanks for the contact and qso 14:17 10-Feb-23
N2TGF 24982 LA5YJTHANKS FOR THE QSO 15:22 02-Feb-23
N2TGF 18142 LY5ATNX for the contact 15:50 31-Jan-23
N2TGF 28495 OD5USCQ CQ 14:41 29-Jan-23
N2TGF 28452 GM8OFQtnx for the contact 18:26 28-Jan-23

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