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9A9Y - Radio DXFUN Cluster

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Mile Strk
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CQ: 15 - ITU: 28
Continente: EU
E-mail: Solo para usuarios registrados
Hobbies: Amateur radio, Bonsai, Electronic
Ocupación: Web designer
Registrado: Sep 28, 2012
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: 45.9458 - Longitud: 16.7305
Spots: TX: 204 - Mapa    RX: 63 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
273 86 3474
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I am a collector of paper QSL cards, also for my good friend I collect postal stamps.

My QSL card policy is very simple:

- If you send a QSL card directly via Post, I answer directly 100% (no need for Money, IRC, or Similar)
- If you send a QSL card via Bureau, I answer via Bureau 100%
- If you bring me a QSL card in person to my home, you will receive a QSL card in person including coffee and beer wink

Amateur Radio is my hobby, not a business for collecting money!

each new DXCC or a rare DXpedition I send postage cost when I sending QSL card direct via post.

Also I regularly update LoTW and eQSL with my log.

But please, do not make a QSO with me just to get 2 $ or more.
Because for me that is not just 2 $.

QSL card, 0.03 $
Post stamp, 1.20 $
Envelope, 0.03 $
Yours 2 $

Total: 3.26 $ for each QSL card I send direct
via post.

For each finished QSO, I will send QSL card via the bureau or direct via post, so please be cooperative and answer me with your QSL card.
Even if you do not have a QSL card, it is enough to write on a piece of paper 14x9 cm or on
postcard of your town, our QSO data, your callsign with grid locator and your signature.
For me, the QSO is finnished when I receive your QSL card

Thank you very much. 73 and good DX.

Please visit my web page:

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
LU6YR 14074 9A9YFT8 db-16 From FF51 1965 Hz TNX QS 21:27 18-Sep-23
9A9Y 14225 N5PSTBoooming in JN85 22:28 23-Aug-23
EA1DF 18095 9A9Yusual remote 21:22 12-Aug-23
9A9Y 21074 WA6LAUThank you for QS 19:25 03-Aug-23
9A9TT 144174 9A9Ytnx qso 73 19:17 07-Jun-23
AA5HH 18101.2 9A9Y 22:30 19-May-23
S55BA 3770 9A9Y 04:16 26-Mar-23
9A9Y 18077 V26EITNXnew DXCC, UP 20:16 25-Mar-23
K1DTC 14282.3 9A9Y 18:27 25-Mar-23
9A9Y 21074 VP8BTRPlease 14.074 20:54 05-Mar-23
9A9Y 7074 V51WHDanke Gunter fuer FT8 QSO 21:39 02-Mar-23
KA4DLT 21212 9A9YCroatia booming!!! 18:08 20-Sep-22
9A9Y 21212 KADLTTNX Dave,new band 17:59 20-Sep-22
9A9Y 18100 KH6USorry, 20m 20:38 02-Sep-22
9A9Y 18100 KH6UDoug PLS 14m 20:37 02-Sep-22

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