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PY1USK - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 809
Fernando Souto
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CQ: 11 - ITU: 12 13 15
Continente: SA
E-mail: Solo para usuarios registrados
Hobbies: Ham Radio
Ocupación: Abogado
Registrado: Dec 06, 2020
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: -23.021194 - Longitud: -43.467858
Spots: TX: 4 - Mapa    RX: 143 - Mapa
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Navy Captain, SC, Retired,  Brazilian Navy, holds degrees in Electrical and Mechanical engineering and Laws, post graduation in Computer Science and has  got in 2002 a MSc degree in "National Ressource Strategy" from the former  Industrial College of the Armed Forces, now Eisenhower School,  one of the  Colleges down the  National Defense University,Washington, DC .

His activities as Ham operator started late in 1978 when he got his first licence ("C" Class in Brazilian rules) and his Class "A" licence, the highest in country came in 1981.

His practice is made up UHF thru HF operations including phone, digital mode-FT8 & FT4 as well as D-Star , C4FM and DMR, via repeater or hot spot,  and a litle bit of CW.

Station is made up some HF Rigs (TS 480, Yaesu FT 450, Icom IC-7100, Yaesu FT 991A an old TS-50 and also old TS440AT)  and some  others V/UHF Rigs. His Schack inventory also includes a Linear amplifier Ameritron AL-80B and a solid state Linear AMERITRON ALS 500M.

From June 2001 up to July 2002, he had a tour arround W3 land residing at the City of Rockville Maryland from where he went to the air with the callsign W3/PY1USK.

      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
EC4C 50313 PY1USKFT8 -19 dB 1055 Hz 21:55 20-Sep-23
SV1VS 28074 PY1USKFT8 -03dB from GG86 1459Hz 14:51 27-Aug-23
R9LM 7074 PY1USKFT8 -3 dB 1496 Hz 02:58 24-Aug-23
F5MNW 28074 PY1USKFT8 2291hz tnx 15:10 20-Feb-23
KI4TXP 28075.5 PY1USK 19:01 31-Jan-23
G0DYW 7074 PY1USKIO91QV GG86 -17db, 458Hz, CQ 02:58 17-Jan-23
M7AWF 28074 PY1USKFT8...TNX...73 17:27 12-Jan-23
EA1YV 14074.6 PY1USKIN52 GG86 FT8 21:03 02-Dec-22
DL1NCH 14074 PY1USKFT8 -11dB from GG86 504Hz 21:33 28-Oct-22
CE4CBJ 28415 PY1USKThanks, 59 19:02 08-Oct-22
RA6BX 7074 PY1USKtnx QSO 03:17 25-Sep-22
EA5D 7075 PY1USKFT8 -14 JN00BB GG86GX 03:43 04-Sep-22
LU4DRH 21075.5 PY1USKFT8 Send -16 Rcvd -10 By PHPDCE 13:42 17-Aug-22
UA9KAD 7074 PY1USKcq 03:16 17-Aug-22
UA3RLE 7074 PY1USKtnx 73 01:24 16-Aug-22

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